Smoking Cessation Service

 "It is the technique and the motivating words that have made me think about my smoking in a different way" Jesse Bangoo, Financial Adviser,    Lexmark UK.

Welcome to Swasa, India,s first comprehensive smoking cessation program. You are now only days away from making one of the best lifestyle changes of your life. With Swasa you are in best hands and your chances of stopping smoking is  increased manifold with our support.

Swasa offers complete and a cutting edge smoking cessation solution leveraging best in breed psychological and pharmacological interventions, self help resources and on-going support.

Swasa is for You if...

  • you want to stop smoking.

  • you have been worrying about your increasing dependance on cigarettes.

  • you are concerned about your deteriorating health because of smoking.

  • you have you tried to stop before but failed.

  • you need some support to kick the habit.


Lung Transplant

09/05/2012 12:12
An Ex smoker who has had a lung transplant. This lady has only one lung now and strongly advocates quitting smoking, after what she has been through.